Float on over to Pufftown in these whimsical new children’s books written by Karina Frederiks.

Anything can happen when you live on a cloud – but not everything will feel like a fairytale. Grumbalina illustrates to children that there are some challenges magic can’t solve. Sibling struggles, laziness, loneliness, boundaries, and pollution are all topics that the fairies of Pufftown must face together. We hope these stories inspire family-wide conversations around the power of inclusion, kindness, fairness, and gold stars!

Grumbalina has cast her spell on the world!

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I adore this new book for children by Karina Frederiks. It is the story of a young fairy growing up in the magical world of Pufftown, where the fairies live in the clouds. I felt immediately transported into this wonderful world of spells and magic. The illustrations are just gorgeous! It teaches us so much about the problems little fairy's face these days.

Amanda Frolich, award-winning celebrity children's entertainer.

I instantly felt transported into this magical world of spells and magic! I highly recommend this book and it is the perfect bedtime story. It will take your children on a magical adventure and will resonate with you and your children, with valuable lessons of friendship and growing up. I think we could all do with some fairy magic in our lives!

Mandy, Blogger @ Mummy's First Steps

Here at @reviewstudiouk we are delighted to receive a copy of Grumbalina and we have loved reading! What a beautiful yet fun short story featuring our new favourite yet grumpy fairy Grumbalina!


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You can’t just float through life, even if you live on a cloud.
Join Grumbalina and her pals on their magical adventures in and around Pufftown.

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