Grumbalina Mitchy And The Golden Wand

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Testing her luck.

Grumbalina’s older sister, Perfect Polly, is off on a spell trip with the Wizards of Norton today. And you know what that means: NO RULES! Of course, Mitchy is over for the weekend, and he points out that it’s the perfect time to try out some of Perfect Polly’s wands and their powers. If her sister isn’t home to tell them “no”, they can’t get in trouble... right? There’s also no way anyone will even find out if they put everything back where they found it… right?

We’ll have to wait and see! Join them on their sneaky adventure by bringing home
Grumbalina And The Golden Wand”.



About the Author

Karina Frederiks is no ordinary
fairy. She’s a globetrotting, horse jumping, storytelling word wizard.

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