Meet Karina Frederiks – she’s no ordinary fairy.

She’s a farm-living, tea-drinking, story-telling word wizard. She grew up on her cloud in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, and was a curious child with an infinite imagination and love for literature.

In elementary school, and all the way through university, her favourite
subjects stayed the same: English and naturally, creative writing. She spent her early years floating back and forth from the library, learning all about different fantasy worlds, and dreaming of creating her own some day.

It was written in the stars.

Grumbalina and many of her Pufftown pals, are based on Karina’s life-long friends, personal adventures, and experiences.

She often draws inspiration from her childhood and years
abroad when writing her stories.

“Mitchy” and “Chatty Chad” are two fairies that she met
while competing in horse shows on the other side of the sky — in Europe.

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"I hope that these books can transport children into their own world of imagination."

Karina is no stranger to magic herself.

Back when she was finishing her first drafts of the series,
she happened to float upon Dan Abdo’s illustrations
on social media.

SHAZAM! She immediately knew he was the fairy to help bring the pages of Grumbalina to life. Together they created a colourful, captivating imaginary universe of exciting tales and valuable lessons.

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"Happiness is something that starts inside,
and everyone can create it for themselves within their thoughts and dreams.
Reading can transport you anywhere you want to go, and your imagination can take you anywhere you wish to be."