Grumbalina Ragdoll


Meet Grumbalina, the lovably grouchy ragdoll who brings a unique twist to the world of plush companions.

With her endearing scowl and soft, huggable body, Grumbalina is ready to become your new best friend, offering comfort and companionship in her own special way. Embrace her grumpy charm and let her become a cherished member of your family. Bring home the Grumpy Grumbalina Ragdoll today and discover the joy of having a friend who's always there to share in your moments, no matter the mood!

Each ragdoll is made with super-soft fabrics, premium materials, tough stitching, and a little bit of magic. Created for cuddling, imaginative play, and unscripted storytelling. 


Size: 9 x 4 x 15 inches| Weight: .5 lbs. | Material: 100% Polyester Fibers| Ages 3+ 

MANUFACTURED FOR GRUMBALINA® INC 2024 | 955 NW 17th Avenue, Suite F
Delray Beach, Florida 33445 United States


About the Author

Karina Frederiks is no ordinary
fairy. She’s a globetrotting, horse jumping, storytelling word wizard.

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