Grumbalina And The Cardboard Wand

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The price of procrastination.

School is a little less scary now that Mitchy’s around. But even with a friend by her side, Grumbalina isn’t exactly excited about class today. The two of them “forgot” to practice their spells last night like they were instructed to. She knows that Ms. Plume will be testing some students in front of the class, and with her luck, she’ll be the first one up. This isn’t the first time Grumbalina has had to “wing” her spells, but she’s not sure her skills are going to hold up for her again.

Will she get through the day without any magic mishaps?

The book “Grumbalina And The Cardboard Wand ” has all the answers you’re looking for.

About the Author

Karina Frederiks is no ordinary
fairy. She’s a globetrotting, horse jumping, storytelling word wizard.

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