Relationship to Grumbalina: Best friend

Favourite food: Pogwarts Chocolate Fizzle

Least favourite: Vegetables

Favourite spell: Any he can get to work

Likes: Candy, having fun, laughing, puddle jumping, and flying

Dislikes: Boring fairies


“Having fun is number one!”


Mitchy is as tall as he is fun… very! He’s Grumbalina’s next-cloud-neighbour, and is always managing to get the two of them in-and-out-of trouble. He turns every outing into an adventure, and every fairy into a friend. Mitchy is motivated by chocolate, candy, and a good time, but flies away from his chores and responsibilities. He believes that there’s a shortcut for everything, especially homework and housework. Life in the sky is never boring when Mitchy is around.