Chatty Chad

Chatty Chad

Chatty Chad

Relationship to Grumbalina: Neighbour

Favourite food: Sugarpuff Supreme Donut

Favourite spell: Make Me Invisible Spell

Likes: Being busy, socializing, talking, and fashion

Dislikes: Fairies who behave badly


“Secrets, secrets are no fun!”


Chatty Chad would talk all day if he could! Whether it’s about clothes, classwork, or the cloud community, he always has something to say. Chatty Chad knows everything about every fairy in Pufftown, but is known to spill the beans from time to time. He’s also full of outrageous ideas and is never afraid to share them. They say that “Caring” should be his middle name, because you can go to him with any problem, and he’ll fix it as fast as you can say “chatterbox”.