Comfy Chatty Chad - Limited Edition


Step into a world where secrets flow freely, and sleepovers reign supreme!

Chat with Chad, the chattiest fairy ever known, about anything and everything that's on your mind. He is the chattiest fairy ever and never runs out of things to say. Join the fun and discover the magic of storytelling with Chatty Chad, where every occasion becomes a memorable adventure and hopefully you get some sleep. Chatty Chad is available in 3 expressions - Cool, Candid and Comfy (all sold separately). Don’t forget about his friends Grumbalina, Perfect Polly, and Mitchy!

Each figurine is created with rich colors, premium materials, and a little bit of magic. Made for imaginative play and unscripted storytelling. Collect all 4 characters along with their unique expressions. Available in individual and multi-packs. 


Size: 2.406 x 1.118 x 3.125 inches| Weight: .094 lbs. | Ages 3+


MANUFACTURED FOR GRUMBALINA® INC 2024 | 955 NW 17th Avenue, Suite F
Delray Beach, Florida 33445 United States

About the Author

Karina Frederiks is no ordinary
fairy. She’s a globetrotting, horse jumping, storytelling word wizard.

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