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Meet The Characters


Grumbalina is the main character and is a pretty determined fairy. That is why she can be a real grump when things aren’t working out for her. 



Mitchy is the tallest fairy in Pufftown. He loves candy and loves to have fun. He is a very social fairy. Mitchy does not prioritize his magic.

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Perfect Polly

Perfect Polly has a type A personality. She loves organizing, reading, planning, preparing and being the best at everything she does.

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Chatty Chad

Chatty Chad loves looking out of his window and observing. He also loves to chat. Chatting about fairies that he saw saying or doing certain things.

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Lala is best friends with Fee. She attends Foggy Heights Academy and is in Ms Plume's Class Of Magic Spells. Lala loves fruits and vegetables, and is a vegan.

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Fee attends Foggy heights academy and is in Ms Plume's Class Of Magic spells. Fee is pretty good with her wand, and passed her wand level examinations last year.

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