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Karina Frederiks is from Ontario Canada and she loves creative writing. The character Grumbalina and her friends are loosely based on her own life and experiences.

After studying English and graduating from The University of Guelph, Karina moved to Europe and began writing the Grumbalina series in 2013.

Grumbalina's life in Pufftown is a world of spells and magic where anything can happen but also a place where young fairies face everyday common challenges such as Laziness, sibling rivalry, jealousy and so on . As Grumbalina would say Mugglefrump indeed!

Grumbalina often thinks things are never going to work out for her, but perhaps this outlook that she holds, often makes things seem a lot worse than they really are.

Karina hopes the series is one which provides young readers valuable lessons of perspective, as they root for the underdog.

Everybody has their days where they live in the only grey cloud in the sky - it is up to you - the reader - to choose who you are and what you allow yourself to think and be.